In the treatment of pneumonia, the patient's clinical condition, age, type of causative bacteria or virus, radiology and laboratory findings and personal risk factors are taken into consideration. If there are signs of respiratory failure, treatment in the hospital may be considered appropriate.

pneumonia treatment

However, if the general condition and clinical findings of the patient are appropriate, the treatment can be performed at home and followed up, to be called for a control at close intervals. Antibiotic treatment is generally not used for pneumonia caused by viruses. In such cases, your doctor will advise you to rest and drink plenty of fluids and, if appropriate, may prescribe some medications that will reduce your complaints. Treatment may need to be continued in the hospital if your symptoms are severe or you have other conditions that make you more likely to experience complications. Antibiotic treatment is applied for pneumonia caused by bacteria. Rest is very important in pneumonia. You may feel mild weakness for a month after the disease has healed. If the patients do not go to the doctor and use antibiotics on their own, the disease is much more severe and increases the danger. The use of medication should be avoided with the advice of a friend without going to a doctor. Excessive use of antibiotics and the selection of unsuitable drugs may lead to the development of resistant microorganisms and thus a decrease in the success of the actual treatment.

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